Chef's Table

A casa dello chef

Be the chef's guest!

Join the very unique chef's table lunch on Friday to follow the che'fs crafting his signature hishes for you. Lunch with our chef, ask the questions and enjoy your time with us.

It is a tailor-made interactive experience to have a satisfying Italian meal, talk, laugh and enjoy your time.

Be our chef's house guest. Sopt his cooking secrets. 

You will be seated at the high tables overlooking the chef's cooking in action. It is like visiting the che'fs house, where the guests are dining at the big table and talking about food.

It's not just a lunch, it's a lunch with the chef at his kitchen. Enjoy the personalised, friendly and fun experience with a delicious Italian cuisine meal.

Bookings available: Fridays 12-3.30 pm

Chef's table is available for the small group bookings 8-14 px.

$40 per person.

Giovanni. Italian Chef