Italian Heritage in Fremantle

The major reasons to visit Fremantle, of course, are to discover its' Italian heritage, the gorgeous cityscape, the port views, visit numerous museums and to enjoy the local Western Australian Seafood.

You can see that Fremantle's appearance with its architecture is distinct from the rest of Western Australia. It's like visiting another country while you are actually in Australia. In fact, Fremantle is a real-time illustration of the 19th-century port streetscape. 

If we look back at the Italian population history in Fremantle, In 1891, during the gold rush immigration, there were 36 Italian residents, and by 1898 there was a record of 150 Italians, some of whom were one of the settlers of the local fishing industry and their ancestors are still respected members of current Italian Community in Fremantle.

One of the most famous Italian monuments in Fremantle is Memorial with Twelve Timber columns with 608 pioneer fishermen names and two life-size bronze fishermen sculptures, which was built in honour of the Italian fishing industry pioneers who contributed to the economic development of Western Australia. 

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Discover Italian Traditional Seafood dishes made of freshly-caught local seafood, for example, Fremantle sardines, Squid Ink and Crab tagliatelle pasta, aromatic grilled seafood (Grigliata) or famous Fremantle octopus, Grilles swordfish, etc.

Enjoy Local Fremantle Seafood in Perth, WA


Fremantle has become a mecca of the post-war Italian immigration which influenced current Western Australian demographics. 

Fremantle also has become an isle for new arrivals in the past century. By the middle of the 20th century, it developed its European character even more. You could see lots of Italian stores and restaurants emerged on the streets. Lots of original Italian restaurants have been sold since then and adopted Australian and American style recipes.

You can find Italian names everywhere in Fremantle. You can see many Italian signs, and lots of shops and restaurants have Italian names here.

Not many businesses have much of Italian left though apart from the names, as they were sold and authenticity was lost with some of the well-hidden Italian traditional family recipes. However, La Sosta one of the not many Italian restaurants in Fremantle, which managed to keep every dish authentic and true to the Italian cooking traditions.

For example, the Italian wait staff at La Sosta does not normally offer any parmesan to the restaurant guests' seafood dishes as it is against traditional Italian cuisine rules in Italy, where it is considered a culinary crime as it overrides fresh seafood flavours. Nevertheless, if the diners ask for parmesan, they can surely get what they wish to have.

At La Sotsa, you will be welcomed by the Italian Chef himself and by our friendly Italian Staff, which will make you feel like you are in Italy.

If you wish to experience a truly Italian culture vibe in Fremantle in Perth - La Sosta visit is a must.

Make a reservation and come to see us and say 'ciao'!

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Just like outside many houses on the streets of Italy, you can find numerous olive trees and rosemary bushes in Fremantle.

If you would like to take a look at the magical and mesmerising process of Italian handmade pasta making process - stop by at La Sosta restaurant to try delicious 'pasta fresca' which means fresh pasta in Italian. The Skilled Italian Chefs roll pasta here just like nonnas in Italy do.

You can even join a pasta making class to make your own plate of gnocchi in an interactive cook and sip concept. It is a super fun way to celebrate something with a group of people, to eat, drink, watch the cooking demonstration and enjoy the bella vita!

View Pasta Making Classes in Fremantle, Perth. 

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