Beautiful locations for photos in Fremantle

1. Fremantle Ferries Wheel, Esplanade Park

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2. Containbow, Canning Highway,

North Fremantle

3. Round House

See Round House Instagram

4. La Sosta 

Stylish Interior with quirky details and hanging bright-orange ropes lamps, good looking food and cocktails, irresistible desserts and best unique views to the iconic Market Street.

Best Restaurant in Perth

5. Horatio's Wall 

Nothing is more Freo than Horatio! The artwork is a must see and must be captured to be studied in your spare time!

Fremantle Street Art Perth-5

6. Amazing architecture!

Freo attracts style bloggers, fashion and wedding photographers as a magnet with its gorgeous streetscape, stunning buildings and unique & enormous doors for a beautiful photo backdrop. 

image - @Vandermeerkat on Instagram

Fremantle photo spots

7. North and South Mole Lighthouses

Take an epic photo of a lighthouse during the sunset or stop by during the day to snap some awesome lifestyle shots.

 36 Henry Street

Photo by https://innagram.com, model Paige

Fremantle steetsyle photo shoot spots

11 Cliff Street

Image: @inna_tevi

Fremantle doors locations instagram

St Patrick's Basilica

Image: @inna_tevi

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Norfolk Street & South Terrace Artwork

Fremantle to do. Image @inna_tevi

Alice in Wonderland Freo Mural

Image: @Inna_tevi

Alice in Wonderland Freo

Flip Sreet


22 High Street 

image: vow photography

Fremantle Harbour

image: @lioninthewild


St John Anglican Church

image St John Anglican Church on Google

Anglican Church Fremantle

1 Henry Street Car Park

Every Instagrammer knows how good is to find a great wall for your photo background! The car park is usually empty on weekends.

black & white wall freo