All you need to know about the finest Italian steak



Bistecca la Fiorentina stands for a Florence style steak.

Everyone who appreciates Italian food or loves steaks must know this wonderful meat dish.

It is always served rare. A serving weight usually has to be between 1 to 2 kg and it also has to be about 2 fingers thick, which is very important for this dish.
To get that signature dry edge, Fiorentina has to be hanged in the cool room at least for 3 weeks. These steaks are always large in size and they are initially designed for sharing.

Fiorentina - best rare steak in Perth, Fremantle


The meat has to have deep colours, moreover, it is surprisingly lean and tender and rich in flavours.
Fiorentina Steak is a part of a beef lion near the leg. This part must be marbled, this ensures appropriate quality and softness.

It is typically made from Chianina cattle — an ancient Tuscan large and muscular slow-growing breed. It is known for its prized and delicious meat, which is grilled over some red-hot coals.
As we all know, Italian food is all about simplicity. There are only a few ingredients in this dish – high-quality meat, sea salt and olive oil!

Florence Steak Perth Italian


It is important to know that before you cook it, it requires to rest about 10-15 minutes to get the room temperature.
Thus, meat fibres redistribute its juices and retain rich flavours in the steak.

Grill it over the red-hot wood coal for about 4 minutes each side, season with some sea salt and add some olive oil to finish up.

Don’t afraid to be generous with the oil, it is an essential element in the Italian kitchen. It is believed that ideally, you’ll need to season the meat after cooking (not before). Serve it with some grilled vegetables and rosemary.

At La Sosta we serve Fiorentina Steak on the individual grilles to your table, so the aromatic smoke is complimenting the taste of the meat and makes it more pleasant to enjoy it.

In addition, you can savour your warm steak because it does not get cold while you are cutting it. This is an ideal way to enjoy every single bite of this delicious Italian meat dish.

We source the meat from local Perth Princi Butchers premium meat (black range), who proved the quality of their products over the years.  Princi is an Italian Family business who celebrates 45 years of producing high-quality products in Western Australia. 

LaSosta’s Fiorentina has been named one of the best steaks in Perth by the Urban List Perth and it is highly appreciated by steaks connoisseurs from all over Australia. 

Fiorentina Italian Steak Perth